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“And cut!” Yelled a brisk voice. Standing the actor playing Anton was met by his faithful ward and handed a warm double caramel cappuccino. His ward removed the large red clock from him and set it down on the chair. “I assume you can feel if. I was outside and the air’s thick and waited with ancient tidings.”

“I thought as much. Let’s get out of here quickly, Galahad.” Galahad nodded and followed his master out to his Ferrari. Setting down in the passengers seat Galahad opened the driver’s side door.

“Should we visit Lady Elena?” Galahad asked sitting and starting the car. He shook his head. “Home we go then.” The car starting smoothly slowly edged out onto the quiet street. Galahad felt the thickness clout his lungs and the car jerked to the side.

“Galahad!” He said sitting foreword quickly.

“Lance…e…l…” Galahad’s head fell foreword onto the wheel, he horn sounding. Moving carefully around the boy, he put the car in park.

“Galahad…” Lancelot jumped out of the car to move to the driver’s side. Sliding Galahad over he moved to the driver’s side and put it in drive. “Foolish boy, I warned you about the tidings. Didn’t keep up your meditation… Damn it you know I don’t like driving.” Lancelot keep going on the road until a small cobblestone path presented itself.

Sharply turning he hit the gas and the car flew over the carefully placed bricks. The leaves blew off the trees behind creating a whirlwind. He halted the car, putting a hand over Galahad’s chest so he wouldn’t fly foreword. “Are you awake yet, Galahad?”

“You have terrible driving skills…” murmuring he passed out. Lancelot shrugged. Stepping out the wind blew a gale of hot thick air. Lancelot shrugged it off immediately. He gathered Galahad and walked up to the pale white house surrounded by small palm trees. The door opened a young girl looked up at him. “Lancelot… Hurry, the wind’s getting worse.”

“Elena… I was expecting you. Did you like the tea I prepared?”

“Yes, it was very delicious.” Elena moved out of the way letting him pass into the house. Lancelot set Galahad on a prepped couch. Elena picked the damp sponge out of the bowl and slowly patted the boy’s head. “Lancelot, close the door, a large gust is coming.”

“Alright, alright, just lose the stern tone. I’m you’re elder you know.” Lancelot, moving quickly slammed the door shut. “So, why is there an ancient tiding in Hollywood?”

Elena smiled and kept patting Galahad’s head carefully. “Lancelot, you should have heeded my first statement I ever said to you.”

“Hello and welcome to Lady Elena’s shop?”

“That was to Galahad. I said ‘the past repeats until the right has been seen.’ Do you remember now? Oh I’m not even going to bother. I’m thirteen and I’m more responsible then you. Listen carefully through that thick head of yours. The events that made you famous are happening again. The tidings obviously mean someone of great and old power is scrying. Probably for you and Galahad, I’d say. The power is so great I cannot tell who is doing it.”

“You don’t think it’s… I mean, I know…” Elena sternly looked up at him. “That’s exactly who you think I is…”

“I think Morganna has finally woken up.” Elena said quietly. “I’m going to get on this, I don’t want you to mess up your sheduals, it may look funny.”

“Why would it look funny? I’m a movie star, and a pretty hot one too.” Elena stood up on her tippy toes and reached to smack Lancelot in the face.

“Lancelot, get a hold of yourself, you are a Knight of Avalon! This demeanor will not suffice especially if it’s going to happen! I’m going to call to my twin in London and see if the tiding is coming from there. Meanwhile, instead of meditation I want you to practice your magic and swordsmanship.” She went over to the couch, bending over she kissed Galahad on the forehead. “Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re the worlds best knight, but what’s really hard to believe is that they gave him a driver’s license; he hasn’t aged since fifteen.”
Lancelot smiled, “yeah, sometimes our immortality has it’s ups.”

“Lancelot, what are the downs?” Elena asked. Opening the door she walked out. Lancelot heard the door slam. He sat down at the edge of the couch and turned on the TV. “I hate rhetorical questions…”

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