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2007-05-22 21:23:24
Shay's Five Words May
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        I was making sugar cookies last week, when that damn gadget my son brought home from school last month went off. The darn shit made me jump nearly out of my skin. Funny looking thing it is, shaped like toes standing in a puddle of what looks like water. It has a singel red dot painted on each of the big toes. What the gadget is for, beats the crap out of me. Joey said that his teacher gave one to all the kids in his class. Picking it up I excamined it, but could not find a button to shut off the annoying noise it was making. When I turned it over, to my surprise, there was the shape of a puddle, with a blue dot right in the center of the base. What really surprised me was that the dot was glowing, and the puddle was shimmering.  My head started to pound, suddenly I felt sick to my stomach. My fingers were tingling as the gadget vibrated in my hands. I would have dropped it, but for some strange reason, I could not let go of it. I watched as the shimmer of the puddle increased and the dot turned a shade of dark red. The annoying sound turned into a soothing hum, coursing through my fingers, filling me all up inside, until I was sure I would burst. Then it stopped, just as suddenly as it had started. My headache was gone, but my fingers were still tingling. I put the gadget away, out of the reach of my son, at least until I could find out from his teacher what it is for. I had to make a new batch of sugar cookies, cause the ones I had put in the oven when the damn gadget went off, burnt to a crisp. Well what I have discovered, is that it is a good thing the gadget went off. The reason is that while I was making the sugar cookies, my cat Spooky, who loves raw cookie dough, jumped up on the counter. While I was chasing him off, the bottle of cleaner that had been sitting on top of the shelf above the counter fell. I did not notice that the cap had cracked open and some of the liquid had spilled into the mix. Today the gadget, with the toes, standing in a puddle, sits on my kitchen counter. To think that I was going to throw it out. If not for the strange looking thing, today I might not be here telling you this story, for it saved all of our life's that day.

The end

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