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2008-03-20 22:29:03
Calann : Contest entries : Drabbles Jan-Feb '08
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Drabbles challenge: The depths of winter...
It has been snowing for three years now, solid. Every last stretch of land is covered in a thick white blanket. Since people were evacuated under the domes four and a half years ago, I have not had one single breath of fresh air. Not one.
Scientists, magicians, it matters not who has tried to find the reason behind this endless snowfall – they all emerge from their studies, wearied, none wiser. It began so gradually, we did not know to worry before we began entering deepest, darkest depths of winter. I fear my children growing up to never see sunlight.


2008-01-31 Eleanor: Hey, I really, really like this. There's a whole story there to be told.

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