[Calliope]: 216.Life With Animals (Short).TP'ing Squirrels

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2011-10-11 04:11:42
Life With Animals – TP’ing Squirrels

I grew up on a farm, I worked for years in a backcountry camp and I’ve constantly immersed myself in Nature and surrounded myself with animals. This has shown and taught me many things that people wouldn’t notice in their everyday lives. Things people may never even think of. Some are simple things such as how a bear gets berries off of a bush. Others are more humorous like squirrels’ addiction to chocolate. Each and every one is something I think other people should at least read about if they can’t experience it themselves.
Take squirrels for instance, who play a leading role in my experiences. They’re cheeky creatures always up for trouble. One of their favourite games seems to be stealing paper products. Logically they use them as nesting materials, realistically they appear to take great pleasure in toilet papering entire camps. Sprinkling shredded paper towel from the tops of trees to scatter on the winds to lead in other squirrels with the paper trail. All in all it’s one of the red squirrel’s lesser offenses but this doesn’t make it any less memorable or mentionable.

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