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A small explanation: The theme for the Drabbles contest was 'colour'. In Ancient Greek, there are no words for colours, no word for 'red', or 'blue', but instead things are referred to by other reference points, if you were trying to describe, say, the colour of someone's eyes, you would liken them to the colour of the ocean, or wood. The best example if this is Homer's 'wine-dark sea'. I'd been tempted to try and write something like this for a while, and this seemed like the best opportunity, so here it is, at 101 words:

We called her Singe because of her coal-dark hair and cinder-bright eyes, but her skin was pale like the first light of a misty dawn. The day I last saw her, her dress matched the clear sky above us; her cloak, the dewy grass below. She laughed with me that day, and graced my hand with hers. I remember clearly how her pearly nails shone in the sunlight. She let me play with her sooty locks, and I wove flowers into it, bright flowers that matched the colour of a moonlit lake. And after that day I saw her no more.

2008-06-24 pirate witch: This is lovely, congratulations.

2008-06-24 SilverFire: ^_^ Thank you.

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