[~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: 264.Frozen Angel: To my love

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2007-01-22 02:17:04
Love poem
It's a poem dedicated and about my lover and the love of my life :)
Frozen angel
Showing skin
Revealing the scars
Unseen within

Wings with a frozen glaze
Bite your skin to relive the haze
Awaken from your soul
Allow to the world the truth be known

Young maiden
Sins so deep
Young virgin
A woman beneath

The scars remain inside
While the mask hides the lies
Regrets form and truth is never seen
Wonderful things we are, we “human” beings

Young frozen soul
Come, take to the hearth
The heart of my home, I shall guide you
Your fallen angel
Here at last
I shall never leave your side
I will suffer with you

Young frozen soul
I daydream about you
And the envisioning
Of spring upon the world
Its enlightenment
To know that you
A bringer of joy
Have come to bring me eternal happiness
For the rest of my journey

Wise angel
Frozen to the core
Lying within the earth
Winter’s curse is upon you

Dear wise angel
Won’t you follow me?
Take me with you my loving angel
I love thee with all thy being
Keep me by your side forever
And we will win, frozen angel

Apart we may lose
But whole we win
So frozen angel

Spring is our savior
And love is our sanctuary

“Frozen Angel: To my love”
3:29 p.m.

2007-01-22 Jenna Rose: It's very good. Deep. Good job! ^^

2007-01-23 ~*Lonely Wanderer*~: thank you :)

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