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2007-01-31 01:46:10

I slowly walked toward the old mill, half hoping he wouldn't be there. But I needed this, needed it to avenge the death of my best friend. The best friend who had given me the hideous fuschia hair dye, and laughed with me when it turned our hair muddy pink. The best friend who had stood with me through my parents' divorce, who had cried with me, laughed with me, and been killed by a druggie for the few dollars she carried. I stepped into the mill, shaking off my sad memories. He was there, as he had said he would be. He laid the thing he carried in a corner and said, "Your gift now." I bit my tongue so hard it bled, the tangy liquid filling my mouth, locked away my heart, and slowly let my dress fall to the ground.

2006-06-07 Font: ooh this is good! Great build up :)

2006-06-07 RiddleRose: why thank you! so kind! ^_^ heeee... it was a totally spur of the moment thing... XD

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