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Kai concentrated with all his might on the tiny needle, willing it to obey him, willing it to do what he wanted for once! Mistress Hannah would catch even the tiniest flaw in his stitching, so he must be very very careful. Straightening up briefly, he stretched, rolling his hunched shoulders in a futile attempt to reduce the cramped muscles in them. Mistress Hannah looked his way at that exact moment and frowned. "Kai! Concentrate! You must make your stitches cleaner, more accurate! Assert your will! You are more than the cloth! You could control it if you wished, but instead you must embrace the pattern. Let it flow through you in it's own way, and the thread will obey." She leaned closer to him and lowered her voice to a whisper, "Trust the thread Kai." Then she was back to normal, but Kai knew in that moment what she meant. The thread flowed in his hands like water, and the pattern blossomed.

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