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2006-02-14 15:13:13


Often I wake up
In a cold sweat,
Short of breath.
The air around me is hot,
It burns my very soul.
I try to hold tight to a fading dream,
To try and find an answer,
To why I burn.
Is there something missing?
Am I not whole as I had thought?
I go about my business as usual,
Nothing really varies.
I get ready,
And head for school.
I walk the halls with a mask so fake,
Is this my fate?
To walk through life,
Not knowing my true self.
Or is it to know,
But to hide?
I can’t stand it any longer,
I shatter the mask.
There I am for all to see.
Exposed and vulernable.
All around me,
My life explodes,
In a torrent of every bit of the rage inside,
My inner fury bursts forth with devastating result.
Where do you turn when that is always the result?
Into yourself
When do you reach your limits?
You don’t
When can you bear to hide no longer?
Let it out
Who do you show yourself to?
No one, but everyone
What’s the point of being a mask?
You don’t get hurt, the mask does…

2006-06-23 Stefano: you don't get hurt, the mask does

very kewl. very very kewl.

2006-06-26 Dead/Alive: *bows*....thanks..

2006-12-08 Ethan Leon: It almost looks like something I would have written - had I still the inspiration.

2006-12-13 Dead/Alive: I know the feeling as far as not having inspiration.....it's pretty dull now....I've nothing of note to write about.....I think I may have passed my time of problems for the time being......

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