[Eloura]: 341.Poems.Come Little Children

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2007-10-11 12:14:15
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I' adding my disclaimer, this page is not finished. I literaly write this in here no prewrittings, so it is rough. And no i'm not sure where i wanna take it, but i kinda like it.

Come little children
we'll sing you a song
Of witches and Warlocks
Of long ago

We shall see
if you have heard
what they cook
in the cauldren of old

(cackles reach through the air)

You make think
they boil and keep
little children
all along

No No the boil none
they sing and dance
much like we do
Wait and see
and soon you'll know
how long we have to go

(voices come to haunt the children)

Listen now
and pay your keep
never knowing
who will reap

you could be
the next for dinner
or the next
upon the supper table

(another cackle forms in the room causing a chill)

Pay close mind
if you will
then you'll learn
about this speal

Gosties and witches to
who is more dangerous for you
it may sound funny
but just wait and see

Witches are some nice folk
where gosties
will steal you fork
So do you no see
which is more dangerous for me?

*harsh cackles follows and a puff of smoke appears and the lady's voice comes back*
It's not over yet children

2007-10-30 Ash: Have you ever head the song from that disney movie with three witches. The pretty one sings "come little children, the times come to play, oer in my garden of magic" I heart that song.

2007-10-30 Eloura: It's based from that song I heart it also!

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