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2006-04-24 05:48:26
Just a random cute drabble about two lovers and their hot chocolate.

2006-04-27 Keseken: Um.. Because I don't really know what I'm doing.. Here's my drabble in case you all cant read it.

Most of the chocolate was burned to the bottom, and what was leftover was twice as bitter as it was sweet. Marshmallows floated in the brown seas of our cups like defiant white rocks. It wasn’t really drinkable, but when you’re in love, it doesn’t matter that much. We’d choke it down. If I’d known what a bad cook he was, I never would’ve let him so close to the stove. How can someone who seems perfect at everything burn hot chocolate? It was worth it to watch him laugh and grimace his way to the bottom of the mug.

2006-04-28 RiddleRose: much better. however, if you could delete the uploaded file that you have that would probably prevent confusion in many quarters... you can also put the drabble directly int othe description box. ^_^

2006-04-28 Keseken: ^^;; I don't know how.

2006-04-30 RiddleRose: delete the words you have in the description box, then copy and paste the words in the comment box into the description box. to delete the file, there is a little button that says something like, "delete uploaded file"... click that, and all will be well! ^_^

2006-12-18 Annie: This is cute. I love the mental picture of him drinking his own gross hot chocolate. :P

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