[Lady of Lore]: 394.Changing Seasons

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2006-10-10 05:39:13
seasons, time, power over time
Time passed around her, without pause or remorse. The trees exploded with green, shifted to a golden burst, and then went barren within a blink of an eye. She could feel time passing around her, feel it aging her, changing her. She desperately grabbed out at the air, hoping to grab onto something, anything, to put her into the flow of time. “Stop!” she cried out at last and everything did for one halting moment. The leaves mid way between green and gold hung frozen in the air. The people remained motionless as sounds came rushing back to her in a deafening cacophony of sound.

2006-10-20 Font: I like this, yea it's short, but you have definitely painted a clear and vivid picture for the reader. There is plenty of potential to lead into a longer piece here, and I’m sure you know that. I really wonder what she does next, her thoughts, fears, emotions?

2006-10-24 Lady of Lore: Thank you! I thought about that myself when i finished writing this piece...It sort of flowed from me onto the page all at once without any prior planning ^^

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