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2007-12-14 05:28:41
"'Ello," I said to him and he took a grand bow. Boy, he was handsome in his long black cloak and his long black wig and his long plastic choppers. "That's somethin' hot," I said and we pecked each other on the cheek. His eyes were so brown I coulda stuck a toothpick in 'em and called 'em olives, but I socked him on the shoulder instead. He smiled and I thought I'd just die so he caught me. Then he was throwin' kisses all over the place. It was pretty nice until I felt a little prick, and now I sleep at day and wake at night.

2007-12-16 RiddleRose: ahaha... that's hilarious!

2007-12-17 Sabrina Catherine: wow, that's good ^^

2007-12-17 Annie: Haha, thanks everyone. :)

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