[Child of God]: 416.Drabbles - Contest.June

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2006-06-23 05:06:34
The figure sat huddled on the bed, eyes wide, watching the glass of water on the nightstand.
“Shawn, what are you still doing up? Mom’s gonna freak!”
The young boy turned to his older brother standing in the doorway and pointed to the glass as it again shook.
“I’ve told you before; there’s no dinosaurs anymore. They’re all dead!”
The boy looked at his brother in fearful doubt as the floor shook slightly with the water this time. Rolling his eyes, the older boy went over to the window and opened the curtains.
“Do you see anything out there?!” He demanded angrily, but quickly saw his answer in his brother’s eyes.

2006-06-24 RiddleRose: haha! that reminds me of my brother! the dinosaurs were always around somewhere... XD

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