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'Portents, omens, signs in the sky, who could keep them all straight anyway?' Athilia sighed and turned her face away from the red-streaked sky, looking instead at the white bricked building in front of her. 'But still, I have a bad feeling about today.'

"Heyyyyyyyyy Athy!"

With a groan, the brunet picked herself up off the ground and glared at the person who had just sent her there. "Owww. Did you really have to hit me so hard Kinko?"

"You were spacing out again! I wanted to make sure I woke you up!" The blond replied with a grin, swatting the other on the back again, only lighter this time. 

"You sure are happy today." Athilia grumbled, giving her friend a quick look-over. She quickly saw why. "Kinoskay! What happened to ?"

"Oh that?" Kinoskay interrupted. "I'll tell you all about it don't worry! Just know that everything's been taken care of and I'm good to go now!" The girl took off into the building before anymore could be said.

Athilia watched her friend enter the building, uneasiness growing in her. The wind began picking up, blowing her deep brown hair into her face and threatening to upturn her navy skirt while wrinkling her white blouse. Looking again up at the sky, she noticed the red streaks had become even thicker, as though now threatening rain. ‘Why do I get the feeling nothing good can come of this?’ Shaking her head, she ran after her friend into the building.

Pushing past others around her, she made to way to near the rear of the building and entered her designated room. Sure enough, Kinoskay was already seated, as were most of the others, the table and chair beside her empty. Manouvering between the crowd, Athilia finally made it to the empty seat and stuck her tongue out at her friend. ‘How does she always seem to make it here with such ease?’
The instructor entered shortly after, closing the door behind him. They were all young looking. It was rumored that some were even younger than a few of the students, but age doesn’t really matter when all you have to do is set up the screen, then sleep at the back of the room throughout the broadcasted lecture.
Could they even be called lectures anymore? What was being taught? One day it may be Newtonian physics, while the three days after that may be watching game shows for the four hour duration. Are we really being taught anything at all?

Athilia had some idea of what was going on. She had read some of the Forgotten Books, in the Violate Place. Strange, how such a beautiful place of knowledge is now deemed ‘violate. ’ Only rebels now went there. If her guardians ever found out, what would happen? She knew they were watching her. She had asked too many questions during historical period a while back. But why were they watching her? Wasn’t she here to learn? To ask questions? Or, is this place merely here to weed people like her out?

“Discussion before class today.”

Kinoskay and Athilia looked at each other surprised, but didn’t say a word. Kinoskay was the same as Athilia, the core of their friendship. She knew what was going on, she saw what Athilia saw, understood what Athilia understood, only she didn’t care. She was able to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what was going on around her. She said what was expected, did what was expected and never drew attention to herself. She could even integrate herself fully into the expectations. Because she understood, she would do whatever it took to continue unnoticed and live uninterrupted. How was she able to do that? Athilia attempted to ask her once, but the only response she received was; “I can sell my soul to the devil if it means I’ll last long enough to take him down with me when I fall.”

“Gupta is expanding. It will no longer be limited to Sundays only, but now also through all nine days of the section. The overtaking of instruction period begins in the next. Reaction?”

“Yay, more Gupta!”

“Gupta burgers through the section!”

“Gupta’s coming here?! That’s amazing! Will we get to participate?!”

Kinoskay had held Athilia’s arm firmly, signaling her to keep, quiet since the discussion began. It was one of the rare times she did anything out of the ordinary which may be considered suspicious, but she knew what her friend’s reaction would be. She too, knew Athilia was being watched, only she understood so much more what that meant.

Athilia could feel her face turning red as little droplets of blood began to flavor her tongue. Kinoskay’s arm was a firm warning against saying anything, since it was obvious they were being watched today. But how could she stay quiet? How could she say nothing against something so wrong? 

“It will be needing greater resource. It therefore requires that all instruction periods be dedicated to that. Response?”

“So we do get to participate!”

“I’m going to get started right now!”

“But I thought it was only for unwanted resource?”

“Stop it! This is wrong!” Ignoring her friend’s painful grip, Athilia stood up and looked around in horror. “Do you people even understand what Gupta is?? What they do???”
“Of course we know.” Kinoskay stood up, meeting her friend with anger in her eyes.
“Then how can you people sit here and accept it?!”

“Because they’re cool.”
“You make good money.”
“Their burgers are great! I eat there every section as much as I can!”

“But your eating children!” Athilia struggled to keep her emotions under control, her voice just below a yell. “People attend Gupta who are pregnant, and once the babies are born Gupta takes the babies and make them into burgers! You’re eating babies!!!!”

“They are getting rid of unwanted resources.” Kinoskay coldly threw back. “Because of Gupta, there is no longer poverty or hunger. Resources which would normally be put to waste, or take up even more resources are now used to help people. In the past, there was abortion, which merely wasted the resource. There were children born who were thrown onto the streets which ate up resources, children who died and became wasted resources because no one looked after them. This way, the unwanted resource is used to feed people, build things and generate money which has since been used to end poverty and hunger. Which was better, when we killed them in their womb, in which nothing is gained, or now that we use them to help people that are here now.”

“Neither is better. Murder is murder no matter how you look at it.” Athilia could feel herself beginning to tremble. She knew what Kinoskay was doing, that she was only trying to protect her, but this was wrong! She can’t accept this! “I can’t sell my soul to the devil so easily and submit to him like you can!”

“The devil you say?” Kinoskay chuckled. “Do you want to know what happened? I was at Gupta last Sunday. They treated me like gold and their procedure was painless. You get top notch care and habitatual coverage for five years of the best kind. You don’t even have to see the wretched thing, they take it right away. And, you can choose how fine you want the meat. They even give you the first result.”

Athilia felt her face pale and her knees weaken. “Kinoskay . . . you didn’t . . .”

The blond nodded with a grin. “I did and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! And do you know what they do with the nutrient-rich fluid? Rather than waste the resource they drain it back into the ground to help revive the soil, to help revert the damage our primitive ancestors caused.”

“At least our primitive ancestors had some sense of the value of life!”

“Did they?” Kinoskay sneered, leaning threateningly toward her friend. “They are the ones who started killing their children. We just found a way to put it to good use!”

“Kinoskay, escort Athilia to the main corridor.”

Roughly grabbing her friend’s arm, Kinoskay dragged Athilia out of the classroom, slamming the door behind her. The two girls walked in silences until they were sure none were still listening.

“Kinoskay, did you really?” Athilia asked her childhood friend with tears in her eyes.

“I did.” Was the cold response. “I freely signed the paper. I had them drug me so I wouldn’t see it. I ate the whole thing.”

Athilia could say nothing as tears ran down her cheeks. She knew where she was being led but she didn’t care. This was a long time coming, and she was only thankful that it was her friend which escorted her to her fate. Outside, rain had begun to fall, painting the windows and the building. As they neared the corridor, Kinoskay stopped them and made Athilia face her.

“Athilia, I did not enjoy what I did. I do not agree with it or condone it, but I also know I can not change it as I am. However, I can sell my soul to the devil if it means I’ll last long enough to take him down with me when I fall.”

“You’ve said that before, but I still don’t know what you mean.”

Kinoskay put her hand to the side of her friend’s face and smiled sadly as she stroked the girl’s face. “I know what you were trying to accomplish, it was just in the wrong way. I promise I’ll make it happen.”

“Thank you Kinko.” The two girls looked at the corridor in front of them as Athilia made her way forward. Pausing before entering, she looked back at her friend and smiled. “Looks like I was wrong. Perhaps something good can come out of this. I guess the omens were wrong today.”

Kinoskay smiled back before turning around and walking away. She found her pace slowly as she made her way back the room, putting back on her mask of compliance and unwavering loyalty. Stopping at the door, she turned and looked out the window behind her. The red droplets fell harder from the sky, bathing the windows and the white building in blood red. ‘They say the rain used to be clear, used to be water. Now the water runs red. How fitting. A sea of blood for a house of murders.’ Walking over to the window, she sighed and rested her head against the cool pane. ‘The blood of our victims cry out for justice, as the heavens bleed for the innocents lost.’ Closing her eyes, she hoped her quiet whisper would be heard. ‘Please Athilia, take care of Abel. Take care of my son and know I will not let your deaths be in vain.’

Once her mask was secured, Kinoskay turned the handle and entered the room, ready to once again face the devil.

2006-07-16 Child of God: Would you believe this was based on a dream I had a few nights ago? @.@ Dude, what did I have before bed???

2006-07-28 RiddleRose: wooooowwww... that's creepy... you have some weird dreams my friend... XD 

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