[paalis]: 464.A little story about destruction.

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2006-04-29 14:46:46
Sniffing the scent of burning wood, the creature couldn't have been more pleased. The shouting voices before had already notified him about that. Finally he had done it.

Air was scorching. The sun was burning his fur, but that didn't matter. He had to think faster. Up to now everything was done. That shouldn't continue on that lucky.
Even from a distance he smelled a misfortune. All the universe had that odor. Never mind. Deal with it, when it comes. He noticed a human child. She was running home, like nothing could get in her way. Now the creature knew what to do. No one had ever done it, but he had to try.
He had already searched some hours for it. When he was thinking of a new plan, he finally felt it. There it lay. Left some meters under the hot sand. The creature dug it up with his own six limbs. He felt like nothing could get in his way. But there it was. The misfortune. The stone was split. A shadow of disaster passed over the creature. He understood why this wonderful thing was left without guard. Cursed. He was cursed for the rest of his life. He won't have any peace as long as he doesn't burn, kill and destroy. For a moment he felt a strange feeling, doom. But then he got used to it. Even before killing was nothing special to him. Well, it doesn't matter. The Stone will help him. They will be best friends. The Stone already is his friend. Better get going. This place is not very good for the Stone...
The creature enjoyed to destroy very much. He was celebrating his 100th destruction day. Nothing can stop them now. But it's not like the first time, when it was so fascinating. That terror in those eyes and face... Not a long time ago a family was enough. Now he has to have at least a village. But soon that too will become boring. Then, when even a city or country, or continent won't be enough, he will destroy everything. And then... there will not be anything left to destroy. So he will live with thirst for other destruction. It will become grater and grater till he destroys himself. But if he will destroy himself in the end, why not do it faster? The Stone won't let you. You have to obey the Stone. But if you do it so you can't escape? The Stone is your friend. You can't leave him! What is that friend, who enslaves you for his needs? It's good, that he even for a bit lets you go. Have to think of something.

Burning fire. Around are shouts, orders, running steps. Chaos. Only in one pair of eyes is no fear, panic, but satisfaction, even pleasure. They look at everything enjoying the last moment. After that, the eyes are gone. Only chaos was left.

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