[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.A Mid-Summer's Night Chase

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2008-01-31 03:18:30
Many nights I have pondered away time
Wishing for the day when love would be mine
Sweet, joyous love that seems practically endless
Wonderful, precious joy that is impossibly boundless
This is the one true place of specialty and paradise
The everlasting elation of which meaning is never concise
I have often compared love to mountains, roses, and knives
And all dictions of love has a profound effect on our lives
Adoration is the one comfort, the one shoulder to cry upon
Which I feel is a privilege to be enjoyed by myself anon
It is this right of lovers that keeps me holding on for dear life
As life tosses more pain at me along with excruciating strife
And so I shall pursue dream as the moon chases hers of the sun
And until then I shall remain utterly alone and completely sullen

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