[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Heaven and Hell

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2007-05-17 17:41:36
Heaven and Hell
Contest Entry
Every time I gaze into your chocolate brown eyes
It’s like my heart has been attached to a flying kite
My heart soars high above on the wind of pure happiness
The wind leads us to a field of beautiful, colorful flowers
Among the vibrant flora is a set of stairs that rise up to heaven
The would otherwise be a hell without your eyes and touch
Without the feeling of your arms around me as we sit quietly alone
Not a whisper of the breath that escapes your lips as you speak softly to me
Nor the vibrations of your melodic voice as you soothe me with calming words
My house is no longer a home, for you have shown me what love is
I have now tasted the sweet feeling of having someone truly care for me
Hell will only evade when you are not near, or if we were to be no more
One shall come soon no matter how hard I try, but we shall forever remain close
All because our love grows stronger with each passing day we spend together
And will only grow stronger as the future before us becomes the present
And as we continue to be as true to one another as we are now.

2007-02-05 Taylor: Awwww, that's sweet. I love it! :]

2007-02-05 Sabrina Catherine: thanks ^^

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