[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Shadows of My Mind

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2009-02-18 17:55:51
Walking along
Life firmly in hand
Mind under control
Then the rug is pulled
Level ground is below
Extremly far below
And I fall endlessly
I had refused to see
I had refused to listen
Now I'm heading down
Towards "Rock Bottom"
The easy way out...
Proves too scary... luckily
Byt stepping there....
Has ruined all glimmers
Of hope that I had
I have killed all chances
I nearly caused more problems
Now I claw at the cliff face
Looking for elusive foot holds
Employment... An ear
One's shaky underfoot
The other is unseen
I need to get away from here
For myself, and for others
Before I'm dragged under
never to return to light....

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