[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Singing a Song to the Last Unicorn

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2008-04-27 23:24:32
It was many a year ago
You lost your friends,
Your family
You now search endlessly for them
As your quest takes you far from home
You meet strangers
Some Helpful
Some Harmful
Some just plain wierd
After a magical mistake
You no long walk on on all fours
But you are no longer a target
You are hidden from the world
And are soon hidden from yourself
The perfect hiding place
Has become too perfect
And has attracted the affections
Not only of the handsome prince
But the intrigue of the ugly king
Before you forget yourself
You must remember why you came
What is love without those around you?
Time is ticking away
As water turns to wine
"When the wine drinks itself
when the skull speaks
when the clock strikes the right time
only then will you find the tunnel
that leads to the Red Bull.
There be a trick to it, of course."
Says the one eyed cat.
"you have to walk through time"
A drunken skeleton says
"A clock isn't time;
It's just numbers and springs
Pay it no mind"
And through this unsuspecting portal you wander
Into danger you must go
And so it goes, in endless circles
Twice a year at least
And so it will go on for the next generation,
And maybe the next until the end of time.

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