[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Being Within Me

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2008-04-13 06:41:01
A knife pierces deep within my black heart
A knife placed there by my own hand
The tainted blood comes forth like a demon
Stealing away with the little happiness I had possessed
This emotional pain courses through my being
Yet through this self inflicted pain
There lingers a joy that is not my own
A joy I have created for two undiscovered lovers
This joy has formed a dagger of sadness and bitter regret
feelings that must be locked inside eternal darkness
Emotions that must never be revealed
For fear of the outer tranquility slowly losing grip
I must keep this blade lodged in my heart and soul
I must endure the agonizing pain within me
So as to keep those I love more than life itself
In a life that maintains their happiness

2006-05-07 ~*Lonely Wanderer*~: Its a very interesting piece of work. I am interesting if there is a reason behind there and if it I'd like to experience it, you know, test it out against it so I can critique it a little more.
Other wise I find it interesting

2006-05-07 Sabrina Catherine: I was upset. I mainly write about my feelings...

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