[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.The Haunted Hospital

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2008-02-03 07:47:12
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short story
Alysia walked into the office, labeled for Doctor James D. Peters, MD. She was a diabetic and needed help keeping her blood-sugar down, and was finding it more difficult everyday. It was made harder with the torrent of candy flying her way as it was soon to be valentine’s day. As she waited, the lights went out. Thankfully, the nurse’s station had a candle, but only one. They straightened the wick, and lit it with a match, but the wind wanted to cause mischief, and blew it out. Her mother came to pick her up an hour later, to find her outside, pale as a ghost, sitting there, staring at nothing. Frightened, the mother ran to her daughter, but never made it. Somehow she disappeared between the car and her daughter. The two were never seen again.

2008-02-06 Candycane: Woah...you know, given a bit of time, and your wonderful imagination, I'm sure you can turn this into one hell of a ghost story...lol

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