[Sabrina Catherine]: 479.Walking in Wintertime

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2015-04-12 03:04:54
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A winter walk through ice and snow
A chilling breeze, and long conversation
A distance between us
The stars look upon us and I upon you
Mad I was back then as I recall
Our breath floating away in the air,
With words long since forgotten
But the memories of us being there remain
Somehow those feelings remain
One would think a decade would bring change
Yet almost nothing has
Here we are ,a whole country apart,
Still walking the same path back and forth
I should focus myself elsewhere, but you're a vacuum
You torture me with your eyes
You blind me with your faint presence
Your memory makes me dizzy
We're still on that road under that sky
With only the moon as our companion
Blissfully unaware of the stranger you were, are, will be
We separated somewhere, but went down the same path
Ended up in two different places yet still the same
Confusion clouds my heart and stirs my brain
Never again...yet....

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