[Firenze]: 56.Five Words Contest June 2008

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A calm came over the blades of green grass of Middleton High’s football field as the dawn sunshine broke across the stadiums rooftops. Coach Townsend stepped onto the field as he always did early in the morning on the day of big game, he sighed lightly as he rubbed his nose, the fresh cut grass irritated his nose due to his chronic hay fever allergy but nevertheless he savoured the silence of the field that belonged to him before the school day began. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of the birds twittering and the cows mooing as they grazed in nearby fields. As he sat there watching the invisible game plays of the players of both sides as they ran around, trying to score touch downs and points for their school team, the peace and serenity that once belonged to him was shattered by the moans and groans of cheerleaders that had arrived for their early morning practice. During their normal cheer practice they would have placed down their bags and school things for the day before having a quick social talk and get into formation to start practice, but today was different, they got straight into formations and began their simple yet elegant pom-pom routine that would entrance the fans of both sides; it was a big day for them as well as the football team as their skills would be watched as much as anything by the hoards that came to watch the game, as well as possible college scouts.

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