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2006-12-14 10:34:39
Let Me Feel Safe.
A bottle smashed against a wall,
Screams vibrating through stone.
Lights flash through closed eyelids-
They have left me here alone.

Gravel engravings upon my cheek,
Persecution ringing clear.
Emptiness eating away at me,
Eyes well up with Fear.

Cold night gnawing at my bones,
Saturated in blood.
This chill eats into my soul-
I’d run from myself, if I could.

Warm arms suddenly surround me,
Renewing bitter-sweet faith.
If I could speak, then I would beg;
Please. Let Me Feel Safe.

2006-12-21 --------: Ahh
It Was Really Good
It Kinda Helps That I Know You
Cause I Can Actually
Imagin How You Were Feeling

8/10 It's BOSS

2007-01-24 Child of God: Very nice. It has a child-like tone to it, giving it a sense of sorrowful innocence. Strong language makes the images vivid and really stand out.

2007-03-08 Askoga: This is beautiful and sorroful. I love the happy-ish end.

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