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2007-06-30 15:46:22
Just a collection of my poetry and what not I have written. Please, feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Ratings are good too. :P


Please, do not claim my writings as your own. Most of my poems are copyrighted and I spill my heart out in these writings. All I am asking is to respect what is mine and don't steal what I've written.

2007-01-26 karly: hmm...that seems to remind me of something. lol

2007-01-26 Taylor: Doesn't it though? :]

2007-02-02 Mister Saint: See now, this would fit perfectly in my creative writings class. Common language, but still well put together, and has a point. ^^

2007-02-03 Taylor: Thank you!

2007-02-14 kumquat:
This is beautiful.

2007-02-14 Taylor: thank you so much =^^=

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