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2007-02-21 03:24:34
i wrote this awhile back and just never really got around to putting it up for everyone to see. 

This feeling consumes my soul,and
My body takes the toll,
I feel like i'm doing everything wrong
I hope that i can stay strong,
What would it be like if i was gone
I wonder if anyone will cry
If tonight is the night that i will die,
I just dont know
Should i just go?
I wont do it tonight although,
I could happen tomorrow

i know punctuation sucks but im bad at that stuff. feel free to comment on this.

2007-02-21 An Elven Song: Oooooh i like it little Korky. HAHA I CALLED YOU KORKY. I'm at school doing my homework. Wee!

2007-02-22 Eloura: It's good.

2007-03-02 Taylor: I like this one. I know how you feel..

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