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2007-12-29 16:39:12
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In this waking moment
Everything gets colder
I try to hold on
Try to make it alright
Before this life is gone
I hope we'll survive the night

Every breath I take
Every moment I'm awake
I just feel that there's
More I could do
Like there's somethin to prove
I don't know why or how
But I don't want to lose you now

Living day to day
Awaiting the moment
Awaiting the time and place
When and where I'll see your face
I can't stop thinking about you
Your presence lingers on
Even when you've just gone
I'll be missin you

In the silent darkness I lay
Wishin I was near you
I wait for your voice
To come over once again
And make it okay
It's amazing what you do
I love you by choice
And til the very end

2007-12-29 bloody kisses: Beautiful. You know just how to makes a PMSing teen girl sob!!!

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