[PhoenixV]: 638.My Love True

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2007-08-21 03:46:53
My Love True Writing Poem Phoenix V PhoenixV WritersCo
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Messenger sent me a letter today
The feeling that I felt inside
Leave me feeling sad this way
My love for you has never died

I see that you want me to be happy
All I want is for you to feel the same
But without you all I feel is crappy
I don't want to be played like a game

I only know one thing inside of me
That is only you can make me so glad
You cannot be replaced, can't you see
And babe just so you know, I'm not mad

Cause all I know is that I love you
I don't think my joy will come back
No matter who I see or what I do
My unhappiness is cause you I lack

It is only a matter of time
Before we can see each other
I express my love in this rhyme
We were just made for one another

Don't know what else to do
So baby I'll just wait for you.

2007-10-12 bloody kisses: Aww that's so sweet!!!

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