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2008-04-03 00:23:57
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    The candle flame flickers in the flow of air, dancing and bobbing its bright head to the arhythmic bursts of breath from the lips of her whose outstretched hand carries it through the subterranean labyrinths, responding to her panting and suppressed moans of dread as she races between damp rock walls, casting weird twisting shadows that further terrify her already frantic soul. She runs from she knows not what into the arms of yet another nightmare. Until morning breaks and she wakes from her troubled sleep, this candle is all that keeps her from falling into complete and total darkness.

2008-03-24 RiddleRose: your first sentence is crazy long... O.O

but good nevertheless.

2008-03-24 Eleanor: Yeah, I have a thing for long sentences. I felt this one needed to be almost run on to reflect what was happening in the narrative.

2008-03-25 RiddleRose: if this is almost run-on, i dread to see a real honest-to-goodness one! :O

occasionally though, they can be justified. to set the mood... i gotcha.

2008-04-02 Kuzco: Voted for ya, nuff said ;)

2008-04-03 Eleanor: Thanks, [Kuzco]. That means a lot to me.

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