[Eleanor]: 668.Poetry.Night and Day

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2008-10-26 18:31:17
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I entered this in the Elftown Magic Written Contest for Veterans.

Night and Day

High upon a mountain crest
etched against the darkening sky,
a wizard raises his gleaming wand,
evokes a star from out the night.

He summons one, then two and more;
the air begins to scintillate
with brilliant points of glittering light
like sparks ascending from a pyre.

With his baton he makes them dip
and pirouette and swirl, advance,
recede and flock and school and swarm
until they fill the universe.

The cosmic dance goes on all night
and when the quadrille runs its course,
a different mage takes his place
upon the celestial podium.

From out his night-banishing staff
pours rosy dawn and golden morn;
stars coalesce into one brilliant sun.
The wizards leave, their work is done.

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