[Mister Saint]: 79.Poetry.Acrostic in Three

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2007-04-04 01:54:01
Written for the Concerti contest. This is a three movement poem.

1. Haiku
2. Free Verse
3. Blank Verse Iambic Pentameter

And the whole thing is acrostic.

Our Garden

          Nestled close to you
1.        I taste the pleasant perfume
          Glowing all around us.

          Here seems like a dream.
          The lazy fields of hyacinth
2.        Swaying in a breeze of evening
          Here, and there supplying lavender
          And jasmine to delight the senses.

          Down in the lovely crook I kiss your neck.
3.        October rose, my breath I breathe to keep
          Within, and someday give it all to you.

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