[Mister Saint]: 79.Poetry.Heaven And You Make Paradise

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2007-07-04 00:07:32
My girlfriend Emily went to Hawaii this summer. She got some very nice pictures, one especially nice one of her standing next to a fountain near her resort's pool. This is about that picture.

Heaven and You Make Paradise

A golden beam, the heaven's skein
of solar thread-- to stitch a dream
a shaft of light decides to style
a pose around your gentle smile,
a click and snap sets off the lens--
flicker, clap, the universe ends,
sends time and space into a bend
that moments later starts again.

The cosmic heartrate skips a beat
to seal a sensual second deep
inside a moment's memory.
A photo snapped of Emily.

Liquid crystals snap the flash,
refract the clash of light and slash
the beams into prismatic torrents
of red blue violet, yellow, orange,
jade and shades of indigo
that twinkle like a comet's glow--

forever passed until I saw
that light show, love, at you in awe
I stared until my eyes ran dry
and bathed them in the tears I cried
and wept your name in ecstasy
"my love, my star, my Emily..."

I never saw the water 'till the second day, at noon.
I never saw Hawaii in the background; only you.

2007-07-03 Eleanor: Aha! You didn’t find a rhyme for orange!

2007-07-03 Mister Saint: I didn't? Oh... I was going for approximate rhyme with points. But now that I read it's not approximate enough, eh? Thanks!

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