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2007-04-13 05:09:02
This is a short story written for an imvu contest, with the prompt of 'write a story about secret agent Jade, telling about her disguises and her mission details'. I'm paraphrasing. ^^

A Case of A Flying Spy

Another secret case to take
to other secret places, countless
faces spy the alleyways
where Jade has gone and been.
So far good luck is on her side
and whatever cloak and dagger scheme
lies tucked inside the metal thing
is safe.

She crouches low in foliage
just outside of M-EYE 6,
the super secret briefcase
tucked beneath her leafy arm.
"It's just a little irritating,"
thinks the spy out loud,
"but wearing shrubs upon my head
will keep me out of view.
It's better than leaves
and super glue."

Above, the nighttime stars
are burning like the amber glow
refracting through her boss's whiskey glass.
"He's drinking while I bust my a-hey!
there's the truck I need!"

She'd been so lost in contemplation
that the station master nearly got

Quick as slickness sticking to a lightning bolt
she leaps and tumbles through the brush,
just in time to shoot a grappling hook's
convenient mile of line
into the hauler's bed.

For just a second Jade's disguise
is of a parasailing spy
pulled just behind a moving truck.
But secret agents cannot die
for reasons we'll ignore -
suffice to say poor Jade
somehow gets pulled into the truck.

Inside she gathers up her wits
and changes pants.

The truck roars past the guarded gate
and rolls to a stop inside the lot
where Jade's objective waits.

The sound of talking men grows close.

At last a flashlight stabs the blackness,
passing by the potted cactus
that is our hidden heroine.

At length the searchers leave the truck
to unload in the morning.
Gasping, Jade escapes the cactus,
groaning at the needles
stuck just lightly
to her butt.

"What a thing to happen,"
sighs the sprightly spy,
knowing no one will believe her
when she tells them what she's done.
For this she'll need a set of tweezers.

Still in covered shadow Jade
goes wafting through the lot.
She can see success just waiting,
in between a pair of Humvees
where a man wrapped up in silhouette

"There he is," she smiles and says,
but when she reaches for her prize
her smiling mouth falls south
to find an empty space without a case!

"Oh, blast," she sighs
and groans
and shrugs,
"I left the case back in the @#$%ing shrubs."

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