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Stranger meets stranger one moment in time,
and speak a few casual words,
it's nothing unusual it happens each day,
the new journey begins at a glance.

Maybe that moment stands out to the one
or the other as cases may be,
Maybe it doesn't, but maybe it does,
as the moment can go either way.

Now, if the moment does what a moment should do
then the course of the journey is set,
the arrow is notched and the bowstring is drawn
two strangers, acquainted, soon friends.

Friends do the things that true friends always do,
they play and they scrap and they play,
then a moment arrives when the look in their eyes
goes from playful to hopeful to want.

So now there is fear in the eyes of the one,
of rejection, deception, and 'no',
So play becomes tense and they speak with silence
not the words that both need to say.

So time builds up valor and courage and all,
and worry is conquered by want,
Days turn to weeks and the bravery to speak
becomes fiction, then action, then done.

Then here is the moment where I intervene
if the time and the energy's right,
I aim and I fire so the good friends' desire
is brought to the eyes of the light.

Hit, graze, or miss then my mission's complete
to start the next moment anew,
Who am I, what's my name, you want to know?
Call me a moment, most do.

2007-02-02 Taylor: *swoons* I adore reading your writings, they are absolutely breath-taking. :]

2007-02-02 Mister Saint: Aww... thanksha muchly! *beams*

2007-02-03 Taylor: ^^ you are very welcome.

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