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2011-09-22 20:59:58
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There is a sense of pride one takes in their dog, and we dogs must take that to heart. We are a reflection of our person and there's something noble in that. So when the new dog charged into town, flying off of his leash, toppling garbage pails, and frightening the old cat up into a tree- I couldn't believe that mutt was to be my new housemate. How that dog could ever think to misbehave so under my person's care had me riled beyond belief.

I was getting too old for this non-sense; I'd been through three pups already. Standing with scritching paws on the linoleum of the kitchen, my hind end felt like I'd been hit by a car. I shook it out though and poked my head out of the dog door, trying to locate the howling creature. It didn't take long. He was tied to the tree for pissing on the carpet again and his neck was stretched upward in a long bay. Stuffing my slightly chubbier form through the rest of the way I sat down in front of him, just out of the circle of his chain's reach. "Listen here pup," I said to him, lifting a bit of muzzle to show some teeth.

Listen he did not. He jumped up at the sight of me, tail wagging this way and that, and then proceeded to circle his hind-half in an attempt to snatch the tail right off his behind. I watched him for a moment then yelled at him. "Pup! I'll not ask you again!"

When he turned to me, I finally saw it, I was finally close enough and he was finally still enough. He was closer to domestic than wild- he was dumber than dumb and his brain had been picked in two by bad breeding. I shook my head sadly, knowing any wolf-sense was long gone from this pup and in-breeding took away the rest of his sense. Licking my chops, I turned away, plotting how to get rid of this one as well.

I loved my person, but I was the only dog worth something that he'd picked... so far. I'm still holding out for a nice, wolf-sense female to be brought in. That would be the day my hind end would surely give out for ever.

2011-09-23 Eleanor: Great story! I love it!

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