[Infinity Hypothosis]: 827.Angel Flowers

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Angel Flowers.

If you look inside a flower, you might be forgiven for looking past the internal, the necter, the catalyst from which an angel is born.
Generally speaking, these newborn angels are invisable to the naked eye. If you are especially open, or even just blessed; or a fork in the road finds destiny has a calling for you, you may well see the tiny wonder unfurl.
If you are extra lucky, you can gently pluck one from a silken bud, and place it in your palm.
This angel will have chosen you and will become yours, and you their's, and they will enter your dreams, and bask in your soul lights that orbit around your center of gravity, and keep you safe.
They are especially attracted to those who project a blue or green light.
Green is of nurturing, of appreciation for plants and things still in their infancy.
A blue light is that which represents wisom, gentleness, and knowledge.
If you posess both, and both rotate arond your body similtanously then you are that of Ekred.
You are something else altogether, and you will always find your angel.
All matter needs light in which to grow.
They need oxygen to breathe, to fill blood, and oxygenate limbs and brains. All living things have a complex network of lights and neurol capacitors that we have yet to master.
We study, but we have not yet learnt. But you dont need to master anything. The human mind is not meant to be mastered.
It is meant to be aquired. Through intuition, and learning to love oneself, and trusting those instincts. We are mammals. Animals follow their own instincts, and its a survival of the fittest.
They say we could all be part of a dog's dream, but what if that dog was part of our own dream.
What if we are in our own individual dreams, and at various stages, our dreams are interlocked, and overlapped, multi layered, and multi-lingual.
When you are in that laced, overlocked glass, suspended in an alternative time and space, and you look through that pane of glass, through to the other side. What do you see?
Do you see your faint reflection, in dream form, staring back at you, wondering who you are, and from what time, not place, you are from?
The way a human thinks, is, in some way's very primative, almost tribal. These thoughts are then padded out, take form, with multi-intravenous layers of substance, personality and form.
Every human has installed and is born with their mother and father's genes, the basic will and need and want to survive.
This had always been rampant throughout the rise and falls of many civillizations, each great and wonderful.
But as with every strength there is also the weakness, and as every great cizillization collapses like a house of cards, the Earth spins on, soaking up the blood and tears shed, of human existance.
If you were to look at that plane of glass, in your dream, would the laws of physics be completely reversed, changed, or dilluted?
If there is no time within your dreams, then do the very basic fundementals of matter have an altogether different composition of atoms not constantly smashing together, reacting to one another, creating hardness, smoothness.
As much as we may hate to admit it, we are god.
We each have god within, emerging in the form of pesonality, or deep, complexities of biolgical engineering.
Only god does nt have a face in the conventional sense, nor is he our god, or 'the god' We are our own gods.
The very fact that we live, and breathe in such spectacular surroundings, our bodies and what they can achieve, evolution, is evidence of a greater, hushed, harmony of collective 'god's.
The universe, and, more importantly, the stars, chemistry, a wonderful, but very important, natural accident that took place, and allowed us to simply be.
We are 'created', or more fittingly, biologically engineered, by teh same ingredients that ake up the stars. when a star dies, it does so by running out of smaller atoms to fuse together and the fusion reactions slow down resulting in cooling which causes the core to contract, and the outer layers expand out. 
This outer layer eventually collapses in on the the core and the resulting heat this produces causes the star to explode. This is known as a super nova. The force of the explosion causes heavier elements to be formed and blown away from the star in a nebula of particles. The heaviest to occur in nature is Uranium.

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