[Infinity Hypothosis]: 827.HummmingBird

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2011-10-08 23:11:33

Here we may find
Caged inside, the catalyst
A hummingbird
Feathers of kaleidoscope, fire and gold

A creature of silvered old
Heart still beating strong
A legacy that live on and on
With minds that grow curious

They want to see above the clouds, further on
Break through the atmosphere
And chase their dreams
Like children chasing the dragon

And flying with the butterflies
The humming bird is fast
Her legacy potent, it will surely last
She is curiosity, creative, awe and aspiration

She is beauty, blessed modesty
Now we find, that we can free
The humingbird, with feathers of fire and golden dust
Let her fly North

For she is your mind
Let no boundry stop
Let he admire, and ignite the fire
Into the everything, the all, and nothing

Let her find beauty in everything
Let her find joy in the little things
Let you revel, in the joy that she brings

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