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Written about Friday 2008-04-25
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Life and True Friends

Life is full of saddness, we walk this path alone, even though we long for others to walk with us. When our loss is great, it changes who we are, how we think, how we feel and how we see life. We are to blame for pushing those friends away that have tried to help us. But our hearts are in such great pain and that is what broken souls do.  We push and push, until those friends that should have been true friends, finally just stop trying to help. Real friends don't give up on one another, they try and help, even when the person they are trying to help pushes them away. Real friends, they back up when they need to back up and push forward when they know they have to do so. Real freinds, are in it till the end, till there is nothing more that can be done, and even then, they give it one last try. Life is hard, many roads will we cross that will bring us to a screeching halt. To all those Real Friends who have tried and have never given up on a friend, I salute you. To all those fighting to endure another day, I encourage you to never stop. My heart and my prayers are with you all.

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