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Written about Friday 2006-11-10
Written: (6311 days ago)

I feel so happy, i cant wait to get home then i can call my best friend, really hot lover, his name is Kaiden, hes so smexy, i love him to death. Why does he like me? Ill tell you why, he thinks i am smart, beautiful and funny and loves me to death, so dont think hes single cause when i am done with him he wont be..

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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-24
Written: (6328 days ago)

Tears, I will tell you, are part of sadness and madness that is locked up inside of you. You cry only because you feel like it, or someone made you. No one made you cry, you could have stood up and have been strong, make them cry. I'm not saying go out there and physically hurt someone, you should give them a taste of there own medicine. And if they hit you to make you cry, stand up and defend yourself, you shine, i can see, you are brighter than the sun. Prepare those glasses, your on fire.

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Written about Friday 2006-10-20
Written: (6332 days ago)

You know how some people always say stuff about other people? Ya I am one of those people, not the person saying the stuff, but the one being criticized. I've been criticized my whole life, besides being stereotyped, it wasn't that pleasant. My family is one to blame, old friends are to blame, and people who dont even know i exist are somewhat to blame, not you cause now you know i exist. Thank you for reading this.

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