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Written about Monday 2007-04-16
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I am lost right now. There's nothing in life to live for. I know I probably should get more Jesus in my life, but I'd probably still be sad, because, how can someone you never met or seen or talked to make you happy? How can something you cannot touch or feel or hear or see give you joy? It doesn't make sense. But I guess I'll give him a chance...well, more than I already have. Just wish there was more to life than what there is for me...basically right now I have no social life outside of school or the internet...I'm ok with it but a bit discontent with my life too...I need a change in my life...religion...a girlfriend...friends to hang out with after school...an after school activity...something...or maybe all 4 =)...who knows...

but yeah, that's basically what I've come to realize while I was thinking...but I have learned other things...but that's for another time...for now...

-Peace Out

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