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Name: Kalya


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Under construction. Also I need help. I can't seem to remember how to post you writings...

I am an 18 year old that likes to write mostly poetry. Though sometimes I do write some short stories. Most of my things are about things that I have done, or what others have done. They also are about things that people go through, or may go through.

I am a pretty easy going person who likes to listen to Music, talk with friends and play music. Most of all I like to help others and write. Though most of the time those two come together. I like reading and I am kind of quiet. Mayhap even shy, but none the less I am a easy person to get along with. I wear a lot of things that some could consider to be gothic. It isn’t to stand out, it is just who I am, nothing more and nothing less.

What else is there? I like the colors Green and purple. One thing I really dislike would be people who think that everything in this world deals with sex. In all reality it is something that is for two people in deep Love

Thy Blackened Blasphemy
Rise up from the errors of the past
Faithful Karma smiles at you and laughs
Incur-nation of an abstract form
Unknown Life-force. Willing to transform
Acid Rain falls
Unto thee
Thou shall repent
For deeds done ago
Fall Down
Pray to Gods that unforsaken you
Enraged by thy blackened blasphemy
Why do we follow,
When the silence is so deafening?
Have we progressed?
No, we are fixed on transgression
In my
Lies the
Structure of innocence
The end
The beginning
One and
The same
Words of destiny
Trust of immortality
In the silence convergence met
Unworthy mortals, thy unsung
Rising existence for the just
All praise "Thy will be undone"

What’s to Say My heart burns with desire,
(What a cliché thing to say)
It burns like a massive bonfire,
(Eh? Got heartburn today?)
I try to be all romantic,
But the logical mind goes instead,
It makes me paranoid and frantic,
Telling me stupid things
I could’ve said.
You see right through me,
Your eyes are the piercing sun,
There are many others,
To fill a sea,
And I’m not the only one.
Its the quiet ones, that say the most,
So I want to spill my heart,
But I haven’t got much to boast,
I wont even get to start.
I seem so selfish and ignorant,
Because you brighten my day,
I try and try but really cant,
Pay you back in any way.
My little poem tells how you are loved
But you’re an angel and me a devil,
It seems I’m giving you a push and shove,
To bring you down to my level.
If we ever meet, in life’s flow,
Ill be a total mess.
Because I just wanted you to know,
You leave me speechless

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 20

Gender: female

Working/study place: Michigan

Place of living: Marshall


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