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tainted_beauty (lol im writing a story in my class about a emo kid)

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Name: Danielle Kelly


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I'm 17, i'm a poet and a short story writer. But most of all i love writing poems it relaxes me. But here are a few of my personal poems.


From angels above, to demons below.
your external bleeding
will always flow.
From Vampires teeth to lykens form,
to taste the salt from the warm crimson

To not be scared and faceing whatever competitor is out there.
To let my demons roam free and let them kill all my enimies.
For me to LOVE and not be
For this certain Vampire i do not say!!

From night we rise, to dawn we fall to change into our human forms and forget it
Tonight we are together at last, to drink the blood of something that has been


An apple explains the whole cycle of life.
When it's a seed, like all of man kind it has the potential to grow.
The world gives it a trecherous place to live in.
But it's protected by a tree that provides confort from the rain.
Like us we are protected by our family, like an apple they provide confort.
Through an apple's life it goes through changes, sturggling to find it's true identity.
Like us through our lives we try to find our way through the hardships but when we finally relize it wasn't how we planned it to be.


Parents to state one word it equals to Annoyance.
A father who's never there and is Now actually starting to care!
A mother who is everywhere two faced and is certainly unaware.
But don't worry about me, you'll se me out that door when i'm 18.
To stop thinking of a fairy tale of one big happy family.
And start facing the true reality, and have things turn out peacefully.
When i move out i'll live my life how i wanted to live intentionally.
Why are they still alive it feels like they have been dead for centuries.
Oh well, They have allways looked down on me.
So to state the truth they will die eventually!

You know i don't really get it from just reading the bullshit your sending me, I don't really want 2 believe.
Baby just please stop lying 2 me stop telling me all this bullshit you want 2 believe.
I don't really care, I don't really mind, I don't want to have your deception in my life.
Your happy now just leave it alone stop clowning around and leave the bitches back home.
Stop fucking around wit Andrea she's not worth it, Thank God your blessed for you have a girl who's perfect, she loves you so much she won't leave you alone.
Stop hiding ur feelings, stop hiding ur lies, stop hiding ur deception behind ur green eyes.
She's not a toy that you can buy and jst break she has fucking feelings GOD DAMMIT can't you relate?
So please stop playing around, she's " THE ONE" so please don't miss it don't mess around and get this shit twisted...
She's there for you but she's not fake like the nasty ass skanks you normally date.
So listen 2 me i know you don't want 2 hear it just think now, she's the ONLY one careing.!


Blood that i drink from my satanized father.
Blood that flows through my ungodly veins!
Life doesn't satisfy me without drinking
blood of an animal that was defenceless.
To get stronger by each drink, and having a stronger aura.
So i'm not defenceless when i hunt for prey.


The depth of the horizon filled with gladness,
watch how my soul seeps with sadness.
Watch how the glee fills the sky,
and watch when you look into my eyes i'm about to cry.
Remember the bright yellow light and apart of me dies in spite.
Watch the beautiful birds fly,
and watch how your words seep through your lie.
Smell the white lilacs as they glisten the air,
and remember your words I do not care.
Expearence the wind that flows in your hair,
and see the evil that is inside of me.
Dream of a room filled with glass,
that cuts so deep it always lasts.
From now my poem is complete I leave you now with sorrow and glee,
to hell I go that's where i solemnly will be.

True Affliction

Watch how our affinity lures me to you again.
Albeit my lovely prince your allegiance is for another soul.
I know, by your eyes for me being a lycan scares you because you could be shunned from your kin.
But from your true embrace, I realized that i'm just a mere part of your collection.
I wish you could see the true me, but not from my actions or words. My lovely prince you believe you know my past, present, and future.
You have never acknowledged the true status of my being.
My darling vampire if you only knew!


Tears, why do we have them?
All of our pain consumed in the inner most thoughts of life.
Showing everyone your weak side, to reveal the hatred I build within.
One swift cut from a dagger, would end my suffering.
I lost my happiness, through mistakes.
Mistakes that i can't resolve,
mistakes that i can't change, for you to trust me again!
Loosing your trust is like a dagger to my heart.
A mistake from a lustful kiss of another, a mistake opening my emotions to someone else.
A finale mistake of ending up loosing you!

Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 31

Gender: female

Working/study place: home

Place of living: In a little ol' cottage n' Connecticut


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