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Name: Cecelia



To Night...…

To night is the night that we show each other that our love is true

To night is the night that I find out what makes us true

To night is the night that I give you all I got to give

To night is the night that I thought we where giving each other everything

But I found out I was just a stop in the road of life and

I met nothing to you and it pains me to say that I will never forget you and what you met to me

?Love is...?

Love is a word not many people know the meaning of

Love is knowing that your life means nothing without that one person for the rest of your life

Love is something that you can't buy at the store or give back after it's broke

Love is waking up in the arms of that one person that said "I'll wait with you"

Love is staying up all night thinking about what that person is dreaming about

Love is finding a picture of that person and staring at it for hours

Love is spending time with that person as mush as you can

Love is a word not many people can say to someone

Love is finely giving yourself to that one person for the rest of your life

Love is growing old together and watching your grandchildren grow up

Love is just a word to some but to most it means giving your life a new meaning

Prom Night From Hell

The clicking of keys was the only sound to be heard in the eighth period reading class. The prom was to be held the following day and no one’s mind was on school work. My teacher, Mrs. Pennington, the prom sponsor, was just as excited as we were. Months of after school planning and even a prom fashion show would all lead up to “A Touch of Class” formal dance. The evening would be splendid or so I thought. Little did I imagine that my best friend would let me down.
Waking up to the sound of the alarm going off at Britt’s house was exciting because I assumed that in a few hours I would be enjoying the prom with all my friends. I rolled over and had to laugh because of the way Britt was sleeping still on the floor. She had her head under a pillow and the blanket wrapped around her legs. I sat up and swung my legs off the bed and pushed her with my foot and she looked up at me and gave me an evil-looking face that I just laughed at. I got up and stepped over her and went downstairs where her mom was cooking. She looked over her shoulder at me and told me to go and get a shower so she could fix my hair and do my make-up.
After my shower I had to sit in front of Britt’s mom for a half an hour just so she could put rollers in my hair. Britt’s brothers kept picking on me saying I looked like an old woman. After she was done putting the curlers in my hair, she started to clean and I sat on the sofa and watched TV with Britt and her brothers. After a while we got bored with the cartoons and we put on music and we started dancing around and singing. Britt’s mom kept coming in and checking on my hair to make sure I wasn’t messing it up.
After an hour and a half we went upstairs to the bathroom and she took the rollers out and I had to laugh because I had curls everywhere! She pinned up my hair then had me sit still for what felt like forever while she did my makeup. After my makeup was done, she dumped glitter in my hair. I looked like a walking disco ball.
My mom picked me up and was rushing me around even when I had a lot of time. She wanted to get pictures before I left. I told her to leave me alone for a little bit before she started to blind me with pictures. I had to call my friend Jess to make sure I still had a ride from Grand March to prom and back. When she answered on the 3rd ring, she was grouchy and she said “yes” in a vile voice. I should have known that she was in a bad mood, but it didn’t hit me until the dance that she really didn’t want me there. Once I hung up the phone, my mom took piles of pictures.
After my mom was done taking pictures, I went back in the house and gathered up my things to put in the car. Then I sat with my little sister Angel and watched more TV. She was excited to go to Grand March and see all the pretty dresses. She kept asking questions like, “will their be red dresses? Will there be more pinks ones like yours?” I just smiled and answered “yes” to all of her questions and told her to hush down so I could hear the show.
Getting to the school for Grand March was crazy! First off, we were driving in a car that wasn’t running right. Then we kept forgetting things. By the time we got there I was overheated and wanting to get out of my dress and go to sleep. When I made it into the school I looking around and asked people if they had seen Jess and they all kept telling me “no.” So I gave up looking and started talking to my other friends.
After a few minuets, my friend Hope and I said we should walk together because we both didn’t have dates. So we went to find Mrs. Pennington to tell her that we were going to walk together. She said it was fine because I was afraid to walk alone. She gave me yellow flowers even thought my dress was hot pink. I laughed about it all night. My mom had to take more pictures of my friends and me.
Jess and Luna showed up right before everyone was to start going out to show off their dresses. Her Gram got me a very pretty light pink rose. The line started to move and Hope and I walked; then, we had to get back in line and do it all over again. This time we all had to stay out so they could name the court and the Queen.
After we were aloud to leave we all had to fit five people to a four person car and four of us out of the five were big, if you know what I mean. On the way to the prom I was so happy and hyper that I wanted to talk, but I kept getting yelled at. I held in so I wouldn’t get yelled at anymore. When we got there they just let us out and they drove off. Jess, Luna and I all walked in to the hotel where prom was being held.
My table wasn’t with Jess and Luna; it was with Hope and a lot of other people. I got to meet new people but I can’t remember their names. I know there were two sisters and a couple and two friends and an empty chair at our table. We started talking to get to know each other and we found out we all had something in common we: all hated Mapletown. We got our food and when we all got back to the table we started to eat.
After everyone was done eating, the dancing started. I sat out for the first few songs then my friends pulled me out on the floor with them. Mrs. Pennington took a picture of me holding my glass, and it looks like I’m getting drunk, but really it’s water. After a bit of dancing I sat down and started talking and taking pictures. And I leaned that the one girl’s name was Candy and she brought her sister just so they could have fun.
After that Mrs. Pennington wanted to get a group picture of her eighth period class. We were all laughing and having a great time. But I didn’t see that Jess was not hanging out with me, that she was sitting with Luna alone, I never saw what happened later coming. After the pictures I went back to dancing with my friends and singing. I got pulled back to the bathroom a good ten more times.
Jess’s mom picked us up at 11:oo and everyone but me was loud in the car. My head was hurting and I was tired and they didn’t care they were having a blast. They kept yelling and I felt like I was going to be sick. We went bowling and I didn’t feel like I was wanted there. I sat away from them and just put my head down. Jess didn’t even ask me if I was ill. She just kept on playing and hanging out with Luna. I asked if I could call my mom because I said I wanted her to tell her about prom. I called her and cried on the phone. She told me to come home and I said “no”; I wanted to just stay with them and finish it out.
After one round of bowling we left and went to Wal-Mart and the others had fun while I bought headphones. I was feeling really lousy by then. And we were there for about an hour and I was dying to go home. They kept running around and having a blast. I kept wanting to go home, but they wanted more.
After Wal-Mart we went to a little store and they bought some candy and I was looking at flip-flops because by then my feet were killing me. And while I was looking at shoes I ran into a guy who asked me if I just came from prom; he said he just got off work from working at a prom. I told him that I didn’t see him at mine. He simply said, “I must have been at another one and not yours”. After a few minutes of talking he went his way and I went my own. When my friends got done shopping we got into the car and left. Jess’s mom told me that they were just going to drop me off at home. I thought that I was going to get to go to sleep, and not have to worry about getting up in the morning. After I got home I got into my pajamas, curled up on my bed and watched TV, and then went to sleep. I didn’t hear from Jess until sometime that week in school and by then I figured out that she really didn’t want to be my friend, so I in anger told her never to speak to me again.
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Age: 17

Gender: female



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