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Name: Ronald Walker

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   I look at creative writing as a vast acceptance of infinite perceptions evolving through the desires, and needs to express enhancements. I have written a lot of poems, short stories, and manuscripts of various outlooks, and for all ages. I have had the opportunity of having my poetry accepted in some publications. One is called Timeless Voices, Edited by Howard Ely, and the other is Inspirations 3, A collection Of Short Works. This publication was put out by The League Of American Poets. I enjoy being versatile involving creating writing. Example: greeting cards, poems, short stories, stories and philosophy. I have created various manuscripts of different outlooks. They are manuscripts ranging from coloring books, to other manuscripts for various ages. I have written in the topics of friendship, love, congratulations, best wishes, humor, good gestures, humanitarianism, nature and spirituals.

Age: 50Year of birth: 1958Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 9

Gender: male

Working/study place: Home


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