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Tyr Zalo hawk


The name's Tyr. Your name is, presumably, not Tyr. This could be a problem, if you let it be.
Before you ask: Yes, it's my name, and yes, it's awesome. Thank you for noticing.
What more can I say than that I'm a writer? I love to write everything, even though that wasn't always the case, and for the foreseeable future, I'm going to love it just as much, if not more.
I prefer fantasy writing, simply because it gives me a release, and an escape from the confines of the all too present reality surrounding me. Don't let that fool you though, I can still write a non-hospitable piece of nonfiction, if I'm challenged to do so.
For some reason or another, I tend to have more scraps of things than any actual finished works. I just have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, so I get lost in the multitudes of ideas and just write whatever. I can switch that mode off, of course, but I prefer to just let it run free.
I'm in college now, writing as a major and, hopefully, as a job soon.
Besides that? Well, you'll have to ask for yourself.

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