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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-07
Written: (4530 days ago)

At this current moment in time I am absolutely fuming! One of my main projects writing wise has well, vanished from my external hard drive and I cannot find my back up copy anywhere which is kinda sending me off in a panic, since I was half way through finishing it *sighs* At the moment my current suspect is my younger sister who has been in a bit of a tither lately with coursework as she is in her last year of school (her final GCSE year)and is wanting to get it perfect and did ask me if I could help her but I have purely not had the time, so she got in a bit of a huff with me. Gawd this is doing my head in purely as I wanted to get it finished asap. Grrrr...

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Written about Sunday 2008-09-14
Written: (4553 days ago)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I've not been around, I have had my attention drafted elsewhere for various reasons.

I have been planning out stories I intend to write, I got bored of my main story and have had many a idea which I am currently still developing, I have so much to plan out it is unbelievable since this time I do not want to be writing off the top of my head like I have been doing. I decided I wanted a clear plan of what I was doing and the only way I could do that was blocking out everything.

I have also been thinking out contests for everyone to compete in, all of which I will get made up asap but at current I am multi-tasking my day job, story writing and net time. The only time now that I have free online of which I am not working or sleeping is on the weekends and from about 6:30pm till 8pm in which time I crash out sleeping. Tis a long old day for what I do and before I get bombed with pms asking what it is I do for a living I am a LSA (Learning Support Assistant or in more common naming a Teaching Assistant) but I also clean after my day working in the school, so am blooming shattered. Only other time will be on a lot will be during the school holidays and the next holiday isn't till the last week of October (27th October till 31st October 2008).

In the back of my mind, I have been thinking of alternate ways to advertise the site, some of the ways I came up with were posters, word of mouth, bookmarks and things like that, just the simpler things but if any of you have anything to add onto that please drop me a message and will happily reply to you.

In my little spare time during the summer, I have been getting in a few writing courses ran by my former college (writing that included, novel, poetry and scripting) some of them were very well thought out but some were just plain terrible and made me want to rip my eyeballs from some of the total rubbish that was produced and on occassion also made me want to tear my vocal chords out so I would not shout out, 'This is total CRAP'.

But anyway, I will be around more that I promise, plus the fact as well gaming season is dying down since the summer is over.

Love ya all ^_^


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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-16
Written: (4614 days ago)

Sorry I've not been around much, been doing a shed load of things recently one of the biggest finding another job ready for September which I have successfully done, huzzah! Shall be working at my old secondary as a learning support assistant/teaching assistant, cross job role, it will be a pain but will tackle it head on.

Anyway, been writing and thinking up ideas, which I should get written down in the next few days or so and will be working hence forward.

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Written about Saturday 2008-05-17
Written: (4673 days ago)

Hello All ^_^

This is just a short notice to allow you all to know that I will be absent from writersco from the 24th May 2008 till the 31st May 2008 due to a unavoidable traditional family camping trip to Dorset. This trip as I have said is completely unavoidable and my mother seems to think I need a break from my home county of Devon. I will be sure to continue with my writing whilst I am away so may have a couple new chapters to add on my return as well as many photographs from my wanders in the lanes on the surrounding campsite.

In the meantime if you want anything done this week best get a PM to me before Friday as I will get nothing done whilst away, besides writing up a couple help pages which I think are needed.

Laters all ^_^

Kelly ^_^

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