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Entry for Animals, September 2011 contest: Domestic dogs

Title: The New Pup

‘Are you seriously that dumb? I can see you. I’m not coming off my perch.’ Blink the cat settled more comfortable into the shelf starring at the Labrador beneath him. It was a puppy, a little smaller then him, face still scrunched up and eyes barely opened. He was a beautiful golden hue, like a soft setting sunlight and had the warmth in his eyes to go with it as well. Blink knew why the puppy was following him, Blink himself was as yellow as a daffodil with snow white paws and a giant white fluffy tail. ‘Go away idiot, I’m not your mother! I’m not even a girl.’

‘I… I want… I want my mom…’ The pup lay on the floor and began to moan. He was at a complete loss. He didn’t know what to do. A few hours ago he was with his mother and seven siblings. They were suckling on her and eating some soft dog food. A pair of human hands came down and picked him up. One by one, others picked up his siblings. ‘I don’t… I don’t even have… a name.’

The cat looked up and began to realize the pup wasn’t going to leave. Blink sighed. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ He came down on the shelf and landed gracefully next to the downtrodden pooch. ‘Come on kid, follow me.’

The pup looked up and got up. He saw Blink begin to round the corner into the living room and followed with his little paws. He slid and slipped until he reached the carpet in the next room. He looked around the peach colored walls and saw a desk and computer along with a fuzzy looking building of some type. The cat walked over to the building and climbed inside. ‘Come on, kid. It’s nap time. You’ll feel better when you wake up.’

The pup excited jogged over and climbed in. He fumbled around and stepped on Blink quite a few times before pointing his head out of the hole and plopping down. Blink curled his tail around him and the two went to sleep feeding off the others body heat.

2011-09-14 Eleanor: Adorable!

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