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Hosted by [Calliope]

Welcome to Animals!

The most generalized contest currently running on WritersCo.



1. Any medium is accepted. Poetry, Drabbles, Short Stories, even longish stories but please keep everything under 4000 words.

2. You must write about the theme animal chosen. Otherwise, the options are open. It can be a day in the life of, something portraying the spirit of the animal. Whatever!

3. Everything must be original work by you. It can be older work but it must be yours! No compilations are currently accepted.

4. Please keep it PG-13. You're writing about animals, you don't have to do intimate sex scenes or scarring battle scenes.

5. Have Fun!

6. Deadline will be set at 3 entries. Please submit in the following format: [ Username ] - link - medium (poetry, prose, etc)





Potential Animals



Finished Animals






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2011-08-07 [Eleanor]: Quick question about this contest, [Calliope]: Why do you have two categories and what do you mean by Potential Animals and Finished Animals? I wouldn't know where to put an entry. Thanks.

2011-08-08 [Calliope]: Two categories? Like why poetry and prose? The Potential Animals is those who think they're going to enter. Finished Animals is for the finished entries :)

2011-08-08 [Eleanor]: Ah, okay.

2011-08-11 [Calliope]: Yay! Potentials! *rubs hands together*

2011-08-11 [Eleanor]: I wrote my story a couple of years ago, which accounts for my speed at entering it. I've never owned a dog and my experience of them is pretty limited, so this was a challenge. Hope you like it!

2011-08-11 [Annie]: :D

2011-08-11 [Calliope]: Thank you Eleanor, it looks great!

2011-09-05 [Calliope]: Yay Annie!

2011-09-05 [Annie]: Woo :)

2011-09-11 [Annie]: 3 and a possible 4! :D

2011-09-13 [Calliope]: Awesome! Sabrina are you close to having an entry ready? There's no rush but if you haven't started and are busy I might just close and get the next round ready :)

2011-09-14 [Sabrina Catherine]: Go ahead... Baby on the brain so I can't think

2011-09-14 [Calliope]: Ok! Um, Annie your's is saying permission denied. I can't get in to read it :o

2011-09-14 [Annie]: Ya, you just need to be a member of my "access forum" to view my writings. Just click here and it shall be done. :) : <joinforum:32:join> (Annie's Writings Access)

2011-09-15 [Calliope]: Ah righto, Gotcha :)

2011-09-20 [Product of a Primal Urge]: So the deadline was set at three. Does that mean it's closed to entries?

2011-09-22 [Calliope]: Nope, if you want to enter go ahead! It was roughly set at 3 unless there was more interest and since I've been busy and haven't gotten around to judging anything yet if you've got an idea forming feel free to share :)

2011-09-22 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Okay, thanks!

2011-10-11 [Calliope]: Thank you ladies for all your wonderful entries! It was very hard to pick a winner. Badges have been handed out and the next animal chosen! Good luck for round 2 everyone :)

2011-10-11 [Annie]: Woo!

2011-10-12 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Cool, thanks [Calliope].

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