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2007-02-21 06:06:59
Shay's Five Words Feb
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     As I laid bare on the warm sandy ground, I noticed there was an awesome rainbow just overhead. If I squinted my eyes just right, the colors cascaded in all directions, cutting a path of brillent hues across the sky. I felt like I was floating way up high in the cloudless sky. I like to float every chance I get, to bad its only in my head. Would be nice if I could really float, it would be sort of like flying, how awesome is that. I glanced out to the sea and there I saw a boat that looked just like a turtle floating across my view, it made me laugh. Made me think of my giant pet turtle Herbie, who loves it when I squirt him with my water gun. The warm sun on my bare flesh makes me sleepy, must remember to turn over so that I don't burn. Laying back I close my eyes and bask in the warmth, with visions of the colors of the rainbow dancing through my head. 

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